About Yoram Sivan 
& The Didgeridoo Center 

Yoram Sivan, Israel's most experienced Didjeridoo maker, specializes in hand-crafted, originally designed Didgeridoos, Compact-Didges and overtone flutes.

Yoram is an accomplished designer, with close to 20 years of experience in this field, specializing in wood crafting and processing techniques. He was one of the founders of the Israeli Didjeridoo scene, and through his work as the artistic manager of the Israeli Didgeridoo festival, he is also involved in the global Didgeridoo, Jews harps and Overtone music scenes. 


Here is a little sample of Yoram's designs and Artworks:

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Our Instruments - Inspiration & Feel

With over 1000 individually hand made instruments and  20 years of experience in the fields of woodworking and product design, we bring much knowledge and professionality into each and every new instrument we build.

The Didgeridoo center's workshop lead by Yoram Sivan and accompanied by new assistants, shapers and didg lovers each year, keep the high standards of sound, design and decoration to our classic designs and new innovative models of Compact Didgeridoos such as the Snake Didg and the Didg Dragon

We welcome you to browse through our galleries and get the impression of our wide variety...
No 2 didges are alike!! ... Each and every Didg is unique !!
Take some advice at the How to choose- Guide

Here is a little clip with Gianni Placido taken at our stand at Le reve de l'aborigene festival , France


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Didg Construction Process

One of the great joys in Didg making is 'redirecting' lost and trashed tree branches to their new purpose, becoming musical instruments which spread deep healing vibrations into our world...

The process begins with the love for collecting different species of trees , the patience in drying them out  and then shaping it inside and out to become the best vibrating wooden pipe.
We use carving and sanding disks and a lot of sand papers and chisels to shape and polish every instrument. 

"My technique is intuitive and based on sense and experience, I call it: 'The way of the Heart'
Using no formulas, written information or Mathematics, only listening to the inner voice, directing me how to improve and develope my instruments"

We also teach this way to everyone who wants to experience how to create his own didg


Take a look at the process:

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The Israeli Didgeridoo Festival

On Dec 2004 evoked the 1st indiependent Didgeridoo gathering in Israel, A one day festival that gave some space and stage to the few musicians of this unique field at that time.
Soon the festival has turned into a 2 days weekend event and the a 3 days festival which hosted Didgeridoo and overtone music artists from Israel and around the world. Australia, Europe, Asia and USA. 

The Festival was founded and directed by Yoram Sivan and producer Gil Karniel in target to promote and bring to life the harmonic music, great energies and beautiful people which the common passion for this ancient magic - The Didgeridoo, has created

Yoram keeps doing this annual festival since, inviting new musicians every year to inspire us.
Here is little sample video from 2010's festival at the Desert's Ashram.


View some unforgettable moments at our past festivals:

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